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How to apply for credentialing

To become a Credentialed member of this Professional Body you need to align yourself and prove proficiency in its respective Behavioural Standards, Code of Ethics and Conduct and Coach Supervision requirements.

It is an exciting experience in which you are invited to participate through the following process:

  1. Request an Application Pack from the COMENSA Administration Office. Contact details can be found at this link

  2. Study the following documents which will be contained in your Application Pack: An Applicant Briefing Document The Behavioural Standards Framework The Credentialing Guide for Applicants The Rights of the Applicant for Credentialing

  3. Complete an on-line COMENSA Behavioural Standards Framework (BSF) questionnaire to test your understanding of this framework. A link will be sent, and a date will be assigned to you to complete this process. If you receive a mark of 70% or greater you will be informed of this, and requested to proceed with the submission of your application.

  4. Should you not achieve the required standard of 70% you will be invited to a second opportunity to do the test.

  5. Complete the ‘Application for Credentialing’ form which you have received, and submit this form with all other required documentation by the stated due date.

  6. Guides have been provided for you to assist with your application.
    These consist of:
    Coach Credentialing Testimonial Report
    Coaching Log Guidelines

  7. Indicate the method of evaluation which you would like to make use of:

    1. Live Evaluation
      It is strongly recommended that you complete the process through a Live Evaluation. You will be allocated two Evaluators, and during an hour and a half session you will be required to coach an Evaluator (or one of your clients if preferred) for a 40 minute period, adhering to the COMENSA Behavioural Standards Framework.

      This is one of the best personal growth and development experiences you will ever experience. Your capacity to weave the required behavioural standards into your coaching will then be evaluated by qualified COMENSA Evaluators. They are not assessing you for competence in using your coaching style or models which you have studied. They are simply observing how well you have integrated the COMENSA Behavioural Standards Framework into your existing style and methodology of coaching.

      It is not a test to pass or fail. It is a process whereby you are pronounced either “proficient” or “not yet proficient“ in all, or some of, the Standards.

      At the end of the coaching session there will be a period both for self-evaluation and feedback from the Evaluators. This has proved to be a valuable and enjoyable learning exercise by all who have experienced the process to date.

    2. Audio Tape Recording
      Should you wish, you may produce a high quality professional audio recording of a 40 minutes one-on-one coaching session, and submit that to COMENSA either by uploading to COMENSA Drop Box or by sending via email as an MP3 file. Our admin staff will help you to follow the correct process.

      You will then be contacted to be present at the listening of the recording by two Evaluators via Skype or telephone conference facilities. At the end of listening to the recorded coaching session there will be a period both for self-evaluation and feedback from the Evaluators.

      You will then be pronounced either “proficient “ or “not yet proficient”.

    3. Skype
      You also have the choice of doing a live Skype coaching session with two Evaluators.

      Provided that the South African quality of the Internet is of such that the process is smooth and completed without too many hitches, the process will be the same as for the live evaluation. Should the internet connection prove to be unreliable, arrangements will be made to rescheduling the evaluation or to change it to a live evaluation at a later date.

  8. Complete payment for the invoiced amount and send proof of payment with your application documents. Note the date and time of the Evaluation, which will be communicated to you once your documentation has been verified as correct and payment has been received.

    Attend the one and a half hour evaluation session at the appointed time.
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