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The purpose of the Research Portfolio Committee of COMENSA is to enable academic research to be shared and to guide and facilitate the coaching and mentoring profession in South Africa.

Coaching and mentoring are evolving professions which are still in the process of developing their own body of knowledge. An appreciation for life-long learning and research is an integral part of our work as professionals. In so doing we will start to build a body of professional knowledge that is based or developed out of research. COMENSA encourages coaches and mentors to improve their academic qualifications and also to practice as scientific practitioners - this is a requirement for advancement to the higher levels of credentialing in terms of the COMENSA Membership and Competency Framework and will also earn credits in the Continuing Professional Development framework .

COMENSA Members have access to our extensive library of research and other resources. We hope that the research pages and links in our ‘Members only’ section will encourage a culture where the coaching community starts to continuously reflect on their own work and the work of their peers. Here you can read existing research, send us your completed research paper, and, for members thinking about starting research or currently engaged in research, find ideas.