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Janice Hanly


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Janice Hanly - Executive, Business & Life Coach

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Janice is a COMENSA Master Practitioner Coach, Coach Evaluator, Integrative Enneagram Practitioner and Neuro Link Brain profile practitioner. She has coached Executives, Managers and Individuals from all walks of life since 2009. She studied Neuroscience Coaching through University of Pretoria adding to her extensive knowledge and experience of Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Leadership skills. Her passion is in understanding brain based behaviours and the huge potential individuals have for neuroplasticity. Neuroscience teaches us that the brain can change even in adulthood.



Neuroscience Coaching: Emotional Intelligence & Neuro-Leadership: University of Pretoria

COMENSA Master Practitioner Coach – GAHAN – 1681 - CCP

Accredited Integrative Enneagram Practitioner – IEQ0463

Accredited & Licensed Neurolink Brain profile & Emotional Intelligence Practitioner

Mobile Number: 082 444 9909

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Skype: shanana99

Address: Northwold, Randburg, Bryanston, Fourways, Sandton, West Rand, Johannesburg

Janice has a wide variety of clients and has worked successfully with Executives, Managers, Professionals and Private Individuals from all walks of life, all cultures and all ages. She has a natural sense of wisdom and an empathetic approach toward each individual as a unique person. Her flexibility allows her to meet her client’s needs, be it coaching sessions in her private office, or at the client’s own offices or via skype sessions for those who are up against limited time or distance constraints.

Her structured approach is holistic and encompasses every challenge an individual may face. Through one on one coaching her clients experience a paradigm shift into more strategic thinking leading to higher achievement and more balance in every area of their lives. Janice leads her client toward uncovering of their personal values and the knowledge of how to live to their highest value. She assists them to understand the debilitating effect stress can cause and gives them techniques toward de-stressing. They learn how to set and flesh out goals making them real and tangible and how to focus and begin the process of implementation. She provides the structure, guidance, support and accountability needed to make positive change toward improved performance and wellbeing.

Janice’s clients begin the process of understanding what “brain fitness” actually means and how to apply the knowledge. The brain can form new connections and actually rewire itself. Having a coach helps you see a meta-perspective of the problem and recognise areas for development.
Leadership qualities are learned and the client becomes more aware of their own perceptions about themselves and the perceptions that stakeholders have about them. They are led toward becoming great leaders, acquiring more influence, having ability to inspire others and understanding how best to serve their people. They become more mindful of their own behaviours as an individual and begin the process of changing neural pathways leading to more productive behaviours.

Janice is originally from Zimbabwe and started her career as a Nursing Sister. Moving to South Africa, she entered the corporate world and ran her own businesses in the diverse fields of Recruitment, Advertising and Property Investment. Her solid business and entrepreneurial background together with her natural empathy ensures that she is able to relate to exactly what challenges her client faces on a daily basis, be it in the corporate world or in their own personal environment. She has a natural ability to lead people toward becoming the best versions of themselves that they can possibly be.

Benefits of Janice’s 360 coaching model:

    • Uncovering of constraints and obstacles, which may be preventing best performance;
    • Setting and achievement of goals and objectives;
    • Becoming highly motivated;
    • Making the right decisions and choices;
    • Reduction of stress;
    • Becoming more focussed;
    • Having a greater sense of responsibility;
    • Becoming self-sufficient;
    • Starting to experience life and learning how to have fun;
    • Becoming more accountable for actions and taking ownership;
    • Developing high performance behaviours in all aspects of life;
    • Becoming more productive;
    • Enjoying increased self-confidence;
    • Aligning behaviours to achieve personal, team and/or organisational vision, mission, goals and objectives;
    • Having a better understanding of purpose in life;
    • Being able to recognise strategic advantages as they arise;
    • Developing good leadership skills;
    • Becoming more adaptable and managing change;
    • How to become successful by becoming more Emotionally Intelligent (EI).


Integrative Enneagram

As an accredited Integrative Enneagram practitioner, Janice offers this valuable assessment tool as a personal development solution to her clients. This profiling tool enables them to gain deep insight into their personality, motivation and self-limiting beliefs, creating the potential for accelerated, integrative and sustainable development and is extremely useful for individuals, teams or organisations.
As well as the most comprehensive Enneagram profile (including 27 Subtypes, Wings and Levels of Integration) the comprehensive report also reflects 6 Dimensions of Stress and Strain, centers of expression (thinking, feeling and action) and the interpersonal or team implications for communication and conflict, leadership and decision-making and team behaviour.

Team reports can be generated for Corporate Clients

Neurolink Brain Profile Assessment

Discover your amazing and unique neurological design! The Neurolink Brain profile gives an accurate assessment of drivers that enhance your brain performance and 7 perspectives on how you prefer to think and learn. As an accredited Neurolink Brain Profile Practitioner, Janice will give you a full debrief to understand and identify your true potential. Coaching thereafter will assist you to "out-think", "out-learn" and "out-create", as you optimise your brain performance and enhance learning receptiveness.

Benefits of this assessment:

    • Optimise brain perfomance;
    • Accurate identification of learning potential;
    • Clarity and support on making subject and career choices;
    • Accurate understanding of own uniqueness and that of others;
    • Clarity on appropriate future developmental actions;
    • Identification of neurological and learning hindrances;
    • Enhance learning receptivity;
    • Understanding others and roles of team members.
    • Cope better with stress
    • Find true purpose
Team reports can be generated for Corporate Clients

Emotional Intelligence (EI)

As an expert in Emotional Intelligence (EI) Janice facilitates workshops for individuals or teams and is passionate about facilitating change through enhancing individuals understanding of how vital these skills are to one’s success in life.
The good news is that Emotional Intelligence (EI) skills can be learnt and enhanced at any stage of life and one can easily identify how one’s own behaviours can influence the behaviours of others. These non-cognitive skills are paramount to a person’s sense of self-esteem, enhancement of inter-personal relationships and an overall sense of happiness and well-being. The benefit to corporate sponsors is that teams begin to work harmoniously and successfully.


Janice has customised workshops geared toward her client’s challenges. Through brainstorming with the client, these challenges will be identified, goals setup and a workshop is designed accordingly.


Client base – (involving coaching of individuals at various levels) has included:

AIG Insurance

AIG South Africa Ltd, FL Smidth Ltd,


Ernst Young

First National bank

Glendower Golf Course



Jeffares & Green: Engineering & Environmental;

Johannesburg Stock Exchange,

Liberty Life

Premier Foods

Sappi South Africa,

SLR Consulting Global Environmental Consultants,


Standard Bank

Synergistics Environmental Services,

Total SA


Feedback from Janice’s clients:

I’ve always been self-aware and self-motivated, but when I found myself unable to stop a slow decline into stagnancy, I accepted that I needed a bit of support. Time with Janice guided my attention back to my Path and reawakened that part of me that I had disconnected from. After a two-year barrier, it wasn’t very long after coaching with Janice, that I released my debut book. Since then, my life’s story is back on track and flowing along with very little resistance. And I have the tools to handle the challenge, should it arise again.
I have found the Life Coaching process very helpful, informative and inspirational. Janice has a unique ability to ask the right questions, which prompts you to answer them honestly, which in turn provides your own ‘light-bulb’ moments. The structure of the sessions encourages you to open up and explore yourself, in a non-threatening way, and ultimately come to your own conclusions and solutions to issues that may be holding you back. Janice then prompts you to have the courage to take action and implement the strategies developed, which is often where people need the most assistance.
(Executive – Advertising)
I really enjoyed coaching a lot! Getting to know and identify myself, my strengths and weaknesses and know how to deal with them. Also prioritising and listing my daily tasks and activities. I am complaining less and working towards a better attitude and being more confident. I procrastinate less. Thank you, Janice, for a lovely experience. Looking forward to a wonderful journey with you further.
(Environmental Scientist)
In terms of positive experiences had by coachees, the entire experience of coaching with you is a positive experience. I feel liberated, energised and inspired after sessions with you.  I am learning to understand myself and my husband better and to use proactive methods to improve our relationship and my own personal development.  I am learning to think outside of my box!  Thank you!
(Couples coaching)
I have been going to coaching sessions with Janice for just on a year. Since this time I have faced many realities about my life that I previously made a huge effort to ignore.  Not only has Janice’s coaching helped me to face these problems but to also overcome them and move on in a positive direction with my life.  Some of these decisions have been difficult to face, but Janice is patient, wise and persistent in a quiet way with my coaching.  I know that I can trust Janice implicitly and that my coaching sessions are a haven where I can vent if I need to and rejoice more often as time goes by.  I feel extremely blessed that Janice has come into my life.
(IT Manager)
“At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us” Albert Schweitzer

Please contact Janice on 082 444 9909 or email her at to set up a complimentary introductory session.
At this session she will uncover your expected outcomes and discuss her model of coaching, so that together, as a partnership, you will determine the best way forward for your success factors in becoming the best version of yourself that you can possibly be.
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