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Sazi Ndwandwa


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As a Chartered Accountant with more than 10 years of senior management experience (5 as an executive), my expertise lies in coaching within the business and corporate environment. I have worked as an audit executive in the Auditor General of South Africa and this gives me public sector expertise.

My methodology and approach include positive psychology to work from a position of the client's strengths towards measurable performance and behaviour objectives.

Other tools that I use to get the best results are personality assessment tools including the Enneagram and an Emotional Intelligence Assessment.

I specialize in coaching leaders when they take up new roles (especially African executives), including coaching for succession planning.

My passion is assisting clients to grow holistically and to enjoy increased confidence in their current abilities and their prospects for the future.

I am inspired by coaching clients who learn to coach themselves and others.

My clients include senior managers in corporate, business owners and public sector leaders.

I have a background in accounting and auditing, in both the private and public sectors.

My training includes an MPhil degree in management coaching.

The models I use include the GROW model, learning/ thinking styles assessment and positive psychology principles.

Some of my best strengths and attributes are listening, learning and acceptance (non-judgement) and a values-based approach to ethics.

My clients have the following to say "It felt good to have someone hold me accountable to ensure that I follow through on the things I would rather avoid doing." "Sazi helped me to overcome my doubts about taking on this new role; I was also able to clarify expectations, roles and key priorities." " I came to an even greater understanding of the importance of building and sustaining relationships which benefitted me in my work and private spaces."

As your coach, I will help you pursue what you desire by creating a customised training and thinking space for you. I will cheer you on; I will hold you accountable and I will challenge you to unearth your best self.

In addition to coaching, I offer training and am a public speaker. I also connect you to people in my network with whom you might be able to collaborate in mutually beneficial ways.

I am a member of The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA).

I am accredited as an enneagram practitioner.

My academic qualifications include an MPhil degree in management coaching.
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