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Philip Collier


ADHD Coach, High Performance Coach, Executive Coach, Positive Psychology, Performance Psychology

Philip Collier Coaching

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I love chatting over coffee and talking about turning dreams into goals, and goals into reality.

I specialise in: 
  • ADHD Coach working with adults and teenagers with ADHD to create habits and strategies that help them reach their full potential
  • Performance Coach and Sports Psychology Consultant working with athletes and teams, across all disciplines, master the mental game
  • Executive Coach helping business leaders improve their and their team's performance
I have an evidence-based based approach to coaching; empowering clients with an understand the mind, and together exploring strategies and co-creating high performance habits and thinking patterns that unlock their full potential.

I have a masters degree in psychology, specialising in neuropsychology, with interests in neurodiversity, sports and health psychology, performance psychology, and positive psychology. I am a COMENSA Senior Practitioner and I am an accredited Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for helping professionals practitioner. Before focusing on coaching, I held senior and global leadership positions within the corporate world for 15 years, abd where I also coached and mentored to high potential employees.

In addition to coaching, I enjoy trail running, open water swimming and off-road triathlons, and I am involved in raising awareness of ADHD through sport.

Finding the right coach for you makes all the difference. I am available for a 30 minute chat to explore how coaching could help you, where you can ask me any questions you might have, and so you see if the fit is right for you.

Clients say...

"Philip was always professional in his approach. He was attentive to both the ‘said’ and the ‘unsaid’. His thoughtful perspective helped me to better understand my own role in maintaining the circumstances that were keeping me stuck.

"Philip has unique insights into how the human brain works, and through our conversations has helped me to gain a deeper understanding of my own strengths and weaknesses."

"Philip’s ability to empathise is evident during our talks. He’s able to discern issues to a level of detail that often takes me aback"

ADHD Coaching:
Performance Coaching & Sports Psychology Consulting:

Cellphone +27835717157
Address Cape Winelands, South Africa