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There is an abundance of energy despite challenging circumstances when you walk in your uniquely designed purpose. I want you to experience that place of joy for yourself.

Be your true self in everyday life

I believe the clues to discovering your true self are embodied in your values and what drives you toward your goals in life. That influences your decisions.  Transformational coaching provides an avenue for you to evaluate the motives, assumptions, beliefs, and worldviews prevalent in your life and to establish whether they still serve you well.  Even though you might choose to work in one area of your life, transformational coaching is likely (because of its very nature) to result in changes in other areas of your life.

My online coaching program enables you to independently work through sessions. Contact me for details on individual and group coaching sessions. I would consider it an honour to join you in your journey of discovery and breakthrough. 

My journey this far & how it informs how I work.

The wind turbine is to me a picture of my life. A wind turbine has a massive foundation which enables it to remain standing in strong winds and to generate electricity. It achieves its purpose especially in circumstances that seem difficult in the natural. The blades going round and round seem so effortless. The pillar remains stable and firmly rooted in its foundation. The turbine head turns to align the blades with the direction of the wind.

As a coach, the turbine reminds me that I am the custodian of your goal and that determines the direction of the turbine head. I remain firmly rooted in the principles of coaching and true to my values.  The blades turning are the questions I ask capitalising on years of business experience. It is your own thinking that will generate your solutions and help you discover that what would enthuse you toward achieving your goals

You will go out with joy and be led out in peace. The mountains and the hills will break into songs of joy in your presence, and the trees will clap their hands. – Isaiah 55:12


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