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I provide coaching to young professionals that want to explore and develop their behavioral competencies and broader personal and interpersonal business skills, to complement and support their technical capabilities. My mission is to help you build a personal brand that gets you noticed for the right reasons, build your confidence and courage in the workplace, and help you assert your self-development and leadership.

My passion for people development has led me to shift my focus from environmental and social management consulting to professional development and leadership coaching. 

Eighteen years as a consultant in the mining and natural resources sector, has made it clear to me that professionals and consultants have the challenge (and opportunity) of having to perform as a “business within a business”, which requires substantially more than technical competence and delivery.

Over and above specific technical abilities, is the requirement to be competent in client management, marketing, business development, communication, conflict management and negotiation, financial management, innovation, project management, people management, delegation, mentoring and development, self development, self management and leadership, amongst others.

Professionals or “knowledge workers” are often promoted to leadership positions based on their technical skills. However the skills and thinking required to “manage myself”, are fundamentally different to those required for “managing others”.  

At every transition point, there are very specific new management and leadership challenges that arise. I have first hand experience of the stresses and derailing factors of each transition point in the leadership pipeline - from being a junior consultant, all the way through to being a Partner in the business.

My exposure to each of these transition points, along with my business coaching training, equips me to coach consultants facing challenges within their businesses and careers, whether these be issues of a business nature, relationships with other people in the business, or their own personal leadership and management issues.

My methodology and approach include: 
  • creating a safe space to open up and explore issues and challenges
  • co-creating the relationship to ensure development of rapport and pacing along the coaching journey
  • exploring and co-developing goals and outcomes that are specific to your needs
  • mapping of competencies to create insights and awareness around behavior, experience, ability/aptitude, knowledge and skills
  • use of the Learning Model to look at positioning with regards to competence and development needs
  • exploration of the coachee’s value chain
  • analysis of the coachee’s stakeholders and what value would look like to these stakeholders
  • discussions around the leadership/management pipeline and associated transition points and behavioral challenges
  • framing and perspective to create awareness about other points of view on a situation
  • brainstorming of alternative ways of thinking and dealing with situations
  • providing feedback and observations when you require it
Some of my strengths include being: 
  • People centered - this is crucial as people are an organization's true value
  • Passionate about continuous development - of myself and others
  • An innovative thinker - making time for introspection and space to think, brings the opportunity for creativity and boundless perspective
  • Solutions focussed - which is valuable in ensuring that coachees move forward and stay action oriented.
I have found the experience of being coached a profound way in which to rapidly shift my thinking from being problem focussed to solution focussed and ultimately into action.That shift takes courage - there is no doubt about that! But in being curious, vulnerable, honest and willing to change, I have found not only that coaching has helped me to shift out of fear, but that my passion is to coach others to find their own insights and "aha" moments! 

If you are willing to be brave, curious, vulnerable, honest, if you want to invest in your self development and self leadership then let me know - I would love to work with you!

My commitment to you is to reciprocate your self investment by creating a safe space and a process for you to do your best thinking, learning and self-leadership. I do this by giving you my full attention and encouraging you to explore your boundaries, by listening, asking incisive questions, testing limiting beliefs and assumptions, by believing in your inner brilliance and most importantly, by helping you get into action.

My mission is to help you build a personal brand that gets you noticed for the right reasons, build your confidence and courage in the workplace, and help you assert your self development and leadership.

Sessions are typically one-hour and take place in person - at your office, at my office - or over Skype. I recommend signing up for a package of six to twelve sessions to optimise on the benefits of co-creating the coaching relationship over a period of time. 

In addition to coaching, I consult to the mining industry and participate frequently as a member of due diligence teams in providing an assessment of environmental and social risks and liabilities on mining projects. 

I am a member of COMENSA and the International Association of Impact Assessors (IAIA) SA Chapter.

My academic qualifications include a BSC Town and Regional Planning from WITS, a MPhil Environmental Management from UCT, a Certificate in Busines Project Management from WITS Business School, a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from GIBS, and a Certificate in Business Coaching from South African Business Coaches.
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